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Monday, July 1, 2024   /   by Ryan Huemmer

July Home Maintenance Checklist

Inspect and clean outdoor lighting: Clean fixtures and replace bulbs if needed. Ensure pathways and entrances are well-lit for safety.

Inspect and clean your grill: Summer is grill season. Clean the grill and check propane tanks or charcoal supplies.

Inspect and repair driveway and walkways: Repair any cracks in concrete or asphalt to prevent further damage.

Inspect and seal exterior woodwork: Check decks, fences, and wooden trim for signs of wear and reapply sealant or paint as necessary.
Inspect and maintain sprinkler system: Check for leaks, adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage, and ensure timers are set correctly.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2022   /   by Ryan Huemmer

Dane County Housing Market

Housing market statistics for Dane County, Wisconsin.
July home sales in Dane County remain high even with interest rates over 5.375%. Inventory issues and cost of new construction continue to drive up home values. Dane County's median home price was $395,502, which was up 11.41% from last July.This chart shows increased median home values, month over month, for the previous 5 years. Dane County is showing super strong levels of appreciation with continued growth year over year too.Dane County had 836 homes sold in July which was down from total homes sold last July of 1,052. A decrease of 20.53% compared to last year.As buyers continue to battle over limited listings in Dane County, home prices continue to rise. We fully expect the demand to exceed the availability of homes throughout 2022. With interested rates expected to continue to rise, getting an accepted offer as soon as important continues to be our focus. Buy now and benefit from property appreciation and eliminate future in) ...

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