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Why You Should List Your Home - RIGHT NOW!

Monday, February 9, 2015   /   by Jen Koenig

Why You Should List Your Home - RIGHT NOW!

Many homeowners believe they should wait until Spring to list their home.  And that makes sense, right? Especially here in Wisconsin - who wants to do home shopping in this weather? One would think people would wait for nice weather and the school year to end.


It turns out that "Spring" has already begun here in the Madison area, at least when it comes to real estate.  Buyers are out in droves, braving snowstorms and bad roads to find their new homes.  Why? Part of it is simply that many buyers simply have to buy regardless of the time of year because of job transfers, needing room for a growing family, etc. Part of it is buyers who decided long ago to wait until the new year to look for a home, even though they were prepared months ago.  And part of it may be people wanting to have their deal closed, their moving done, and be all settled in by the time summer hits (see the article below).


This is a great time to be selling a home.  It's that rare time of year when there's a plethora of buyers but a limited number of homes on the market.  At The Huemmer Home Team, we're seeing lots of multiple offers on houses and some homes with buyers waiting before the home is even on the market! One home we recently listed had 4 offers in the first week and is now pending to sell for $7000 more than the asking price. Another home that just went on the market had over 40 people show up to an Open House despite the snowy weather!  So if you're thinking of selling, you may actually be able to sell more quickly and get stronger offers now. Contact us for a free home staging consultation & market analysis of your home.


If you're a buyer, this can be a tricky time. You need to get in to see homes as quickly as possible if you want to have the best chance of getting the home you're after. Our full-time Buyer's Agents will work with your schedule to ensure you aren't one of the buyers left out in the cold, even if you can't be in town in time to see a home you like!  When we have a client who needs to see a home but can't physically be there, our agents do Skype showings.  They'll walk you through the home, point out any necessary details, answer all of your questions, etc - all through a live Skype chat! Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority, so we'll do whatever it takes to make sure your home buying needs are met.


Below is a link to an article about the surprising "Spring" market in Chicago to give you an idea of how the midwest winter market is shaping up this year: 


"The front-loading of the spring season has also unleashed a flood of desperate very, very eager buyers. Multiple offers in hot neighborhoods seem to be the norm. Parks attributes this year’s frenzied sales to the buyers who failed their multiple-bid efforts last year. Those buyers are now looking to get a jump on things."