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Significant Rise in Madison Real Estate Values: Why Madison is on the Rise as a Top City to Live In

Monday, December 1, 2014   /   by Jen Koenig

Significant Rise in Madison Real Estate Values: Why Madison is on the Rise as a Top City to Live In

Great news for Madison Real Estate! This last year saw a significant rise in real estate values throughout the Madison area.  On average, homes saw a 3% rise in value, with areas such as Sunset Village, University Heights, and South Madison seeing an average increase of over 8%!


Why is this happening? Madison has been getting growing national attention as one of the top desirable areas to live. In 2013, "Credit Donkey" named Madison the #1 Best Small City to live in. In 2012, the AARP named it one of the "5 Happiest Cities in America". Madison has been ranked again and again in the top ten best places for families, and was highlighted in 2009 by Children's Health and the Today Show as the 2nd best place in the country to raise a family. We've also been highlighted as a fantastic place to find great food, both for our restaurants (#1 Best Midwest Food Town by Midwest Living Magazine in 2009) and our farmer's markets (ranked in the top 12 by Delish.com in 2011).


The overall appeal of the Madison area has of course led to a growth in business.  Madison has especially been highlighted in the growing tech markets. In 2013 Forbes recognized Madison in their list "Forbes Best Places for Businesses & Careers," and Madison was ranked 5th for high-tech jobs by MarketWatch in 2013. In 2010, CNNMoney.com stated that Madison was the 14th most recession-proof city in the country. 


To find out more about the Madison real estate market, including interactive maps showing the various value increases in different neighborhoods, check out the article below:


Overall, 2014 residential assessments increased 3.2 percent, and commercial property — which includes apartment buildings with more than four units, hotels, stores and offices — jumped 4 percent.

“Real estate values are recovering in a very significant way in Madison,” Mayor Paul Soglin said. “We can expect to see more recovery in future years. It’s because of the strength of the people of Madison. This is a desirable place.”

Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/city-hall/madison-real-estate-values-show-significant-rise/article_3ddf113e-b4eb-5a56-8c93-8babb9d282cb.html#ixzz3KfMa5INo