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Moving & Packing Checklist

Monday, May 11, 2015   /   by Jen Koenig

Moving & Packing Checklist

Buying a new home is fun and exciting...until the day comes when you realize you have to pack all of your belongings, change all your utilities, notify everyone that your address is changing, etc.  Then the whole process starts to lose a bit of it's sheen. 

A little preparation can make the moving process a LOT less stressful. Below is a link to a good checklist to follow as your moving day approaches.  

As someone who has moved more than a dozen times in my life, I'd also add that moving is the perfect time to de-clutter your life. The first few times I moved (not counting moving as a kid) I thought I'd done a great job of packing and organizing. Inevitably, though, there'd always be several boxes that never got unpacked at my next home. They were the "I'll get to them" boxes of unimportant odds and ends that wound up in the back of the closet, not to be looked at again until I re-discovered them on the next move.  After awhile I'd had enough.  Why was I dragging this stuff from house to house?  How many times had I loaded and unloaded these same boxes, and why did I bother? So I started using moves to downsize. That extra set of dishware I never once used? Donated. That broken chair I kept meaning to fix? Trashed. Those knick-knacks I'd been holding onto since childhood but didn't really have any attachment to and would never actually display anywhere? Gone. And if the occasional box was never unpacked after a move, I'd check it for important items (Iike birth certificates) and then get rid of the rest.  

Sometimes it's tough making the decision to part with something.  But by forcing myself to be a realist and only carrying with me what I'll actually use, the moving process is so much easier! It's like a weight is lifted and it helps re-energize you for the fresh start you're about to have. And it makes room for new additions at the next place, which can be great fun.  So try it out on your next move!

Check out the suggestions at the link below: