• Free Home Staging Consultation

    You might have the most beautiful home on the market, but without the right staging you may have a hard time getting offers. Team Leader Amber Huemmer is an Accredited Staging Professional. She specializes in setting up a home to maximize it's selling potential. Fill out the form below and Amber will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to turn your property into a buyer's dream home. And it's absolutely free!
     photo before11_zps21ae5c1c.jpg BEFORE
     photo after1_zps019dfc28.jpg AFTER
     photo before31_zps8a897781.jpg BEFORE
     photo after33_zps022f3cf3.jpg AFTER
     photo before43_zps1f5743bf.jpg BEFORE
     photo after4_zps4245fd06.jpg AFTER
     photo before2b1_zps03ee1574.jpg BEFORE
     photo after23_zps2bbb94f5.jpg AFTER

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